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Our furniture designs that bring together the design concepts that give importance to comfort and comfort with decorative elegance are at Dumanlar Furniture.



Furniture products that combine modern designs of innovative style with your living spaces are with you with stylish details and aesthetic styles.



Special projects that we transform your living spaces into more special and high quality according to your wishes are at Dumanlar Furniture with the support of interior architects.

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Our furniture products, which enliven your living spaces with modern design objects and at the same time provide you with comfort and convenience, are in your living spaces. Our dining room sets with their quality forms, our dining room sets with their strong lines, our bedroom sets that provide comfort and convenience, our television unit sets with their aesthetic details, and our coffee table and accessory designs with their decorative styles are waiting for you.

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Dumanlar Furniture, which is the work of exactly 48 years of experience and knowledge.
In MASKO FURNITURE CITY, the World's Largest Furniture City, we design and offer you products for all your furniture needs, in Luxury and Modern styles, for #Dining Room, #Bedroom, Seating Groups, Tv Units, in our 3.000 square meter showroom area. In addition to our experience, we always work for your happiness by keeping the understanding of customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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We offer you furniture designs that combine the innovative lines of Modern and Luxury design with your living spaces. Our dining room, bedroom, sofa sets, kitchen furniture, television units, coffee table and accessory products will bring the perfect texture to your living spaces. Dumanlar Furniture, which combines the minimalist lines of award-winning architects in their field with the works of art, offers the decoration of your dreams with personalized designs.

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Free Architectural Support

Special projects that will help you achieve the decoration of your dreams while shaping your living spaces are with you, accompanied by our interior architect-supported works. Interior architect-supported special projects that bring your living spaces to the aesthetic structure you want without sacrificing comfort and comfort details and at the same time organize their decorative effect according to the returns of the modern age are with you, accompanied by Dumanlar Furniture.

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Dumanlar Furniture and Decoration Inc. stores have Masko Assurance Certificate.

MASKO Exclusive Project (MEP), which can also be defined as MASKO assurance, aims at 100 percent customer satisfaction, in short, besides quality in production.

The shoppers can buy their furniture safely without suffering any grievances.

The MASKO Exclusive Project (MEP), which creates healthy conditions for its customers to shop for furniture in a quality and reliable environment. Dumanlar Furniture ( MEP ) has MASKO Assurance Certificate.

MASKO Furniture City, which prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, provides a harmonious balance between producers and consumers with MEP.

With the Architectural services we offer free of charge in our Dumanlar Furniture A.Ş stores, personalized designs, hotel furniture, villa furniture, palace furniture, mansion furniture, residence and home furniture are designed and applied according to your preference.

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Design understanding that gives importance to comfort and convenience

In Masko, the world's largest furniture city, you are at the right place for Classic Furniture. Furniture is not only furniture, it is counted as the most important element for living spaces. Furniture types such as Luxury furniture, Modern furniture can be counted. At the same time, the furniture types are among themselves; It can be separated according to many types of sets such as dining room sets, bedroom sets, corner sets.



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